Webinar: Elevating Precision Medicine to the Forefront of Every Cancer Journey to Deliver the Right Medicine to the Right Patient

Cancer behaves differently in each person, and there is no one-size-fits-all treatment. Precision medicine makes cancer diagnosis more accurate and improves the ability to predict which treatments will work best. However, for precision medicine to be a real option for every patient with cancer, many more medicines targeting rare genomic drivers, such as NRG1 fusions, are needed.

NRG1 fusions are rare genomic alterations that have been identified in more than ten unique solid tumor types, including cholangiocarcinoma. It is an aberration that leads to unregulated cell growth and proliferation in many cancers. By identifying what is driving the disease, treatments that halt their progression can be developed, ensuring that every patient has access to the right therapy to treat their tumor based on its unique profile.

In this presentation, Valerie Malyvanh Jansen, MD, PhD, Chief Medical Officer at Elevation Oncology, will discuss the potential of NRG1 fusions as actionable oncogenic drivers and the latest research currently underway.

Valerie Jansen, M.D., PhD
Hematology- Oncology
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
photo: Anne Rayner; VU

Valerie Malyvanh Jansen, MD, PhD, is Chief Medical Officer at Elevation Oncology. She is a physician-scientist with more than 10 years of experience in medicine and oncology drug development. Prior to transitioning to the pharmaceutical industry, Dr. Jansen began her career in academia, focused on understanding mechanisms of resistance to cancer targeted therapies. She also cared for patients with cancer as a board-certified medical oncologist. At Elevation Oncology, she directs a team of medical and scientific professional who are passionate about developing the right medicine for the right patient.