GCA Webinar: Why better coding is needed

There is currently a lack of cholangiocarcinoma-specific educational resources that are designed to support the adoption of ICD-11 among healthcare professionals. As a result, the Global Cholangiocarcinoma Alliance (GCA) is organizing an ICD-11 webinar titled “An overview of CCA: Why better coding is needed.”

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is supporting this webinar and advocates that all patients become aware of the billing codes to share with their treatment teams and our medical community also chose a date to participate in a session that is most convenient.

The webinar runs in three (3) individual sessions, each with the same agenda, so please join the session that fits into your schedule.

During the webinar, an international panel of experts will discuss why healthcare professionals should support the adoption of ICD-11. The aim of this webinar is to provide an educational overview of the coding changes for each CCA classification, highlight the importance and benefits of its widespread adoption, provide an opportunity for a discussion and questions on the topic, and encourage those involved in coding to adopt the new classifications. The panel discussion will highlight the importance of ICD-11 and its role in creating robust data for CCA.

To register for your chosen session, please complete the registration form and you will receive a calendar invitation accordingly. Registration is free of charge.

Time (minutes) Item Presenter(s)
10Global epidemiologyProf. Shahid Khan
10Pathophysiology and subtypes – impact on surgical treatment optionsMr Hassan Malik
10How can better coding (ICD-11) improve data collectionDr Robert Jakob
10How better coding can inform patient managementProf. John Bridgewater
20ICD-11 and its role in creating robust data for CCAProf. Shahid Khan Mr Hassan Malik Dr Robert Jakob Prof. John Bridgewater Dr Jesus Bañales Helen Morement Andrew Murphy


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