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World CCA Day (12th February) – Social Media Schedule #WorldCCADay

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1 It’s time again for us to unite around the world to raise awareness of #Cholangiocarcinoma. Learn how you can get involved on February 12 here Share this post! #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness #WorldCCADay @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 28th Jan 2020 09:00 GMT
2 #WorldCCADay is fast approaching; let the countdown begin! Become a part of the #Cholangiocarcinoma community to help raise awareness about this devastating disease! #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 29th Jan 2020 12:30 GMT
3 February 12 is #WorldCCADay! The @CCA_Alliance needs your help to raise much needed awareness of #Cholangiocarcinoma. Can you help us establish a global voice on @WorldCCADay? #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 31st Jan 2020 17:00 GMT
4 Badge It – have you downloaded the #WorldCCADay logo and social banners? Make sure you badge your profile on February 12 to support the @CCA_Alliance with #Cholangiocarcinoma awareness #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 4th Feb 2020 09:00 GMT
5 Let’s unite on February 12 –#WorldCCADay. Do you have your #Cholangiocarcinoma graphics ready to share? Learn how you can get involved here #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 5th Feb 2020 13:00 GMT
6 Share It – a series of graphics have been developed for February 12, 2020, and beyond. Please download them from and share across your social channels! Don’t forget to include the hastags – #WorldCCADay #Cholangiocarcinoma @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 6th Feb 2020 14:00 GMT
7 #Cholangiocarcinoma is a primary liver cancer that occurs in the bile ducts, inside or outside the liver.  CCA is the second most common primary liver cancer in the world #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 7th Feb 2020 14:00 GMT
8 Sign It – You can make a difference on #WorldCCADay & beyond! The @CCA_Alliance aims to establish a global voice for #cholangiocarcinoma – support them by signing the GCA pledge today & share it #BileDuctCancer @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 8th Feb 2020 09:00 GMT
9 #WorldCCADay is only 3 days away! We are stronger together! Let’s unite around the world to raise awareness of #Cholangiocarcinoma. Learn how you can get involved on February 12 here. Share this post! #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 9th Feb 2020 17:00 GMT
10 There are many ways in which you can help raise awareness of #Cholangiocarcinoma on #WorldCCADay. Find out how you can get involved here #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 10th Feb 2020 09:00 GMT
11 Tomorrow is #WorldCCADay and it is not too late to find out how you can get involved with our global #Cholangiocarcinoma awareness activities. #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 11th Feb 2020 13:00 GMT
12 Today is #WorldCCADay! Join us in raising awareness of this devastating disease! Let’s use this day to start a new era of hope for all those diagnosed with #Cholangiocarcinoma #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 08:30 GMT
13 #Cholangiocarcinoma or #BileDuctCancer is a primary liver cancer which may affect any part of the bile ducts within the liver, the junction as ducts leave the liver, or the main duct draining out of the liver #WorldCCADay #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 10:00 GMT
14 By signing the @CCA_Alliance pledge, you can make a difference not just today, but for the future. Our aim is to reach 1,000 pledge sign-ups in 2020. Please sign the pledge and share it! #WorldCCADay #BileDuctCancer @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 12:00 GMT
15 Can you say #cholangiocarcinoma? Use our guide to give it a go today, #WorldCCADay. Then try it on your friends & colleagues too! #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 13:00 GMT
16 Early stage symptoms of #Cholangiocarcinoma are few, vague & easily attributable to other benign conditions, until advanced stages when jaundice may appear. More research into early signs & symptoms is needed #WorldCCADay #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 14:00 GMT
17 #Cholangiocarcinoma is difficult to diagnose accurately & confidently. Currently there’s no single test, so a combination of imaging scans, endoscopy techniques & existing cancer markers may be used #WorldCCADay #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 15:00 GMT
18 Some causes are known, but #cholangiocarcinoma (bile duct cancer) continues to increase year on year globally. Join us as we unite to educate and raise awareness of this devastating cancer around the world #WorldCCADay #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 17:00 GMT
19 What is cholangiocarcinoma? Cholangiocarcinoma, or bile duct cancer, is a primary liver cancer which arises within the biliary system. #WorldCCADay #Cholangiocarcinoma #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 12th Feb 2020 18:00 GMT
20 Use Symplur to report on #Cholangiocarcinoma #WorldCCADay metrics THANK YOU! We are stronger together! Here are some of the top #WorldCCADay influencers from February 12, 2020. Stay tuned for more information on awareness and education opportunities throughout 2020! #Cholangiocarcinoma #BileDuctCancer #CancerAwareness @CCA_Alliance @CharityAMMF @curecc @ccafoundationTH @TheBiliProject @targetcancer @enscca @UCPHAndersenLab @ccaukgroup 13th Feb 2020 15:00 GMT