🤚🏻 Five for Friday – 5 Resources for support, coping with the fear of recurrence

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For cancer survivors, fear of cancer coming back after treatment, often referred to as “fear of recurrence” can be a common experience.

Whether you are new to cancer survivorship or many years past treatment, remember that fear of recurrence is normal, and you are not alone. Here are five resources available to help you.

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Why the Fear of Cancer Recurrence Is Often Misunderstood and How You Can Cope


How Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Survivors Can Cope With the Fear of Recurrence


Caring for Yourself – The Mental and Emotional Impact of a Diagnosis


Why Can’t I Stay Positive? Depression, Grief, and Resilience


Lisa’s Rare Cancer Story

Many CCA patients and caregivers find joining a Support Group to be helpful. Support groups offer the chance to share feelings and fears with others who understand.

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