Five for Friday - Benefits of Volunteering

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Dear Friends in the Cholangiocarcinoma Community,

Each week, we’re going to offer five ways you can fight COVID-19, overcome the fear of the unknown and deal with the uncertainty of this situation.

This week is National Volunteer Recognition Week and we’d like to share 5 Benefits of Volunteering.

Share ideas with us – If you find a good resource that would help others in this trying time please send it to us. We will share relevant information with our community. The cancer community knows more than most about social distancing and self-quarantining, help us educate the wider community about how to stay safe and how to make others safer.

Please remember, we are here for you!

Five-for-Friday noun_Community_2714641

Builds community

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Ends loneliness

noun_Self esteem_3194767 Improves
noun_Community_1772870 Builds bonds,
creates friends
noun_job_2714603 Provides better
job aspects

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