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In loving memory of Mark Clements
1966 - 2007

“On Your Mark” was named in memory of Mark Clements who ran the St. George Marathon in southern Utah at age 39. As a lifetime athlete, Mark decided to run his first marathon because he wanted a challenge. During the training program, he began to experience frequent abdominal discomfort. Once he completed the marathon and the abdominal pains didn’t stop, tests showed that Mark had cholangiocarcinoma (CCA), a rare disease with very little information available for newly diagnosed patients. Before Mark passed in 2007, his heartfelt desire was to ease the pathway for others experiencing this cancer which in turn led to the creation of CCF.

We've come a long way since Mark was diagnosed.

CCF has funded more than $2 Million in cholangiocarcinoma-specific research.

In 2015, CCF created the International Cholangiocarcinoma Research Network (ICRN), a global collaboration of 75+ research groups who share a passion to make scientific advances that improve outcomes for patients.

There were very few clinical trials available in 2005, now there are more than 400.

Right now, there are three drugs that are in Phase III clinical trials, which means there now, for the first time ever, cholangiocarcinoma-specific drugs available for patients.

Patients are living longer and have more time with their loved ones.

There's more reason for hope now than ever before!

All of these developments are just the beginning. There is still so much to be done in this race to find the cure and your monthly donation is critical to helping drive progress.

With "On Your Mark", your monthly gift, given automatically through your checking account or credit/debit card will allow you to provide the funds needed to continue racing towards a cure, every day, twelve months a year.

How do I become a member of "On Your Mark"?

It’s simple, click here! You can select a gift amount (minimum of $20) and arrange for an automatic monthly donation via your checking account or even a credit/debit card to CCF.


With "On Your Mark", you will...

Support critical and innovative research

Earn unique annual membership pins

Receive annual tax statements

You can change your monthly donation amount, or even cancel your “OYM” membership at any time.
Simply call (888) 936-6731 x2 and give us your instructions or contact Laurie Kikel at

Here is what one "OYM" donor has to say:

“The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation has helped so many patients and caregivers over the years find hope.  Though my son has passed, it's comforting to know other families can utilize the many resources CCF has available that we didn't have.  'On Your Mark' allows me to budget a small donation each month that is automatically sent to CCF.  It's easy to signup for and helps me feel like I am making a real difference in continuing to fight this cancer.

Thank you for all you do!”

Mary L., Chicago, Illinois