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On September 7th, 2020 the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) participated in Grateful Patient Day. Each year, Grateful Patient Day spotlights stories of gratitude for doctors, nurses, researchers, medicines and procedures that help patients.

In today’s world, stories about health care are too often negative, focused on cost, manufacturers and insurers. But what about what is working in health care? This is a message that can be effectively delivered by patients sharing their stories of gratitude. The Grateful Patient Project wants to find the good and promote it!

In everything CCF does, patients always come first. We are so grateful to have participated in this day to help share our patients stories of gratitude. CCF has many wonderful Doctors, Oncologists, Nurses and other healthcare professionals to be thankful for. Many of them have changed the lives of cholangiocarcinoma patients. These patients used #GratefulPatient to share their stories of gratitude all day long. Enjoy reading some of their stories below.

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Porter Fox

I am grateful to Dr. Orloff, Dr. V (V), Dr. Billingsly, Dr.Schipper, Dr.Lopez and all their departments and teams at #OHSU for attending to my care and support over the last 7 years. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

**You know your Doc cares when they send you an inspiring and thoughtful text message**
“Hello Porter,

This is Susan Orloff. Danielle shared your video from the Cholangiocarcinoma foundation conference. Your presentation was very moving and beautifully done. I am so proud of you and happy that you are thriving!

Please keep the hope, the positive energy and the perseverance. You are a fighter and will continue to battle through things I am certain.

I send kind wishes and love”

Dr. Lipika Goyal

Lisa Mitchell

I am a brand new patient of Dr. Lipika Goyal as of July, 2020.
I could not feel more welcomed by a medical team than Dr. Goyal’s team. This, I believe demonstrates Dr. Goyal’s Leadership, the way that her staff represent themselves. From the very first phone call that I had from her Clinical Trial Team , I was just in awe! And I thought to myself, if this is how it’s going to be this is going to be quite the amazing journey! And in fact, that is exactly what has happened! They make me feel as though I am their only patient. An example of what I mean by this are the level of communication is bar none! I have an entire team of people surrounding me which is how they have it set up at MGH. Each of my 3 clinical trial team members have their own roles which makes for excellent, thorough care. And leaves the patient getting answers not being left with not knowing what is going on ,which is critical in the mental health of a Cancer patient!
Dr. Goyal always shows up with her big beautiful smile, which makes you feel enveloped in love ,care and compassion , knowing that she’s going to do everything she can do to help you.
I am doing my very first phase 1 clinical trial with Dr. Goyal and her team. For me personally, it has been very anxiety ridden. The anxiety comes from being on a phase 1 trial. However, Dr. Goyal has made it go seamlessly,lovingly, and compassionately, without a hitch through this entire journey thus far which has been five weeks. Dr Goyal and her team have eased every single anxiety,fear and concern over the past 4 weeks since starting the trial.
I would like to have a special shout out to Brenda (Dr. Goyal’s amazing NP who is one of THE best medical practitioners I have ever been honored to be a patient of!), Ally, Islam and Luis my clinical trial nurse). They truly all together are my “dream team”!
I am so very truly blessed that you have taken me on as a patient Dr. Goyal and so look forward to see what miracles we can make happen ahead!


Tanya Jennison

I am thankful for Dr. Michael D’Angelica at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center for removing this beast of a tumor from my liver in March.
I am thankful for him recognizing I needed a portal vein embolization prior to surgery. I am grateful for the skilled hands him and his team used during my surgery and recovery.
I am thankful for his patience with me as I am a nurse and not the easiest of patients to deal with as I have many questions (as does many of us) but I go a little more in-depth with the worry over what could/could not go wrong from the nurse standpoint.
I am grateful beyond words to Dr. D’Angelica, his fellows, his office staff, the radiology department, the nurses and aides, the ancillary staff (dietary, housekeeping, secretarial, behind the scenes staff) and the entire team at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center throughout my diagnosis, testing, surgical stay, recovery, phone calls, MyChart conversations, telemedicine meetings and more!
A++!! Spot on!!! Knowledgeable!! Compassionate!! Organized!! Caring!! Skilled!!


Marsha Goldstein

I am a grateful Stage IV Cholangio patient and I am grateful, of course, to the oncologists helping me, but a special kudo to Ron Harris,R.N. at MDANDERSON Houston. Ron worked in the GI clinic and his warm personality and knowledge made him an asset to the clinic and a friend to patients. He is the perfect oncology nurse.
Thanks, Ron!!

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