Journey of Hope: Day 25

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Today was yet another eventful day on the Journey that went from A to Z; both literally and figuratively. The literal component was seeing a couple of armadillos this morning, and then a zebra early this afternoon. And no, I wasn’t at the zoo!

The figurative part was having the opportunity to meet and speak with another fantastic group of doctors, nurses, researchers, and caregivers, at a local church as well as at the home of Patty Maxin. Both the MD Anderson Cancer Center and Houston Methodist Hospital were represented at these meet-ups. In the case of each of the caregivers, their loved ones have passed away, yet they still carry on in support of the cholangiocarcinoma “community”. That says a lot of the love and compassion that so many have. My thanks to everyone that took time out of their day to come out to visit.

I also had the chance to be interviewed with Houston’s local FOX affiliate; Channel 26 KRIV. Having the opportunity to now do a variety of TV and radio interviews across the country is an added plus to the journey. We are potentially raising awareness with many of the “unknowing”.

I would be remiss if I failed to point out that I did drive to Hope, TX, this morning; #12 of between 15 to 18 towns named Hope I’ll stop at. Leaving from Port Arthur early, I passed through Houston, and then did a 240-mile loop to Hope, and back to Houston.  The center of Hope includes a Community Center (closed) and a church. For obvious reasons, I wasn’t about to go knockin’ on the sanctuary door to ask a parishioner to sign my Hope logbook, during the middle of the service! It has to be said that in order to really see things, you must get off the interstates and stop, look and learn.

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