Journey of Hope: Day 33

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A Tale of Two Cities: It’s interesting to see how different towns try to stay relevant and welcoming, especially when they are off an interstate highway. Take Casey, IL., and Greenville, IL, as two examples. Outside Casey, a Tourist Attraction sign caught my eye that grabbed my attention. I said to myself “Can that be? Did that sign really indicate World’s Largest Wind Chime, Pitchfork, Golf Tee, Wooden Shoes, Rocking Chair, and Mailbox?” Well, I had to go check it out, and I wasn’t disappointed. The only thing I didn’t see was the shoes. To make up for that, there was an impressive teeter-totter (although apparently, someone built a bigger one in the UK), and a set of deer antlers. In speaking with a caretaker, he indicated these items were all assembled by individual business owners, not the town, in an effort to get people to come visit and spend a little money while there. I’m happy to say it’s working, and you can tell that the locals take pride in their town.

Further west on the highway is Greenville, IL. It has a big sign that reads “If You Lived In Greenville, IL, You’d Be Home Now”. Funny thing is, the sign is in front of a federal prison! What a hoot!

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