Racing for Hope Journal Entry 14

Welcome back! So where we left off, I had just done my long run of 10 miles after Mandy got out of the hospital. What I didn’t tell you is I woke up that day with hip and back pain. It has persisted and worsened this entire week, and I haven’t been able to run at all! I wish they would make the hospital sofas more comfortable for visitors to sleep on. The sofa was as hard as a rock!

On top of that, as soon as our food truck business was starting to pick up (the weather has been nice), it broke down the other day. The wheel caught on fire! To say that things have been stressful is an understatement! So Mandy’s health luck is running off on me!

Speaking of Mandy’s health, they have told her they are going to leave the drain in for a couple of weeks. They are trying to let the leak completely heal so she doesn’t have to deal with another infection. On the 11th of April, if it isn’t better, she will get a stent placed again!!! It terrifies me! The last time a stent was placed, she developed pancreatitis and was hospitalized for a week. I’m not sure our family can take another hospitalization right now (especially over another holiday). Our girls need their mommy, and she needs them! Visitors under the age of 12 are not allowed. So she has to go the whole time without hugs and kisses from her babies. At least we have an amazing support system and our families do all they can to help! We are so thankful for them! Back to the running aspect! I will be getting back to it slowly this week. I want to avoid further injury or pain, but we are getting too close to marathon #4 to miss more training runs.