Some of you know that my wife was diagnosed with a rare cancer last year. I still remember Dec. 12th, 2019, like it was yesterday; because a lot of times, it still feels like yesterday. The day started off getting up super early to get to the hospital for routine surgery. ( It was the second time we had made this trip! The first time we found out Mandy was pregnant, and we couldn’t have the surgery.) After getting checked in, and getting into the back prep area, the medical personnel finally asked Mandy’s mom and me to go back to the waiting room.

Sitting there, I watched the screen until I finally saw Mandy’s number go from red to blue, meaning she was in surgery. Within five minutes, my phone rang. It was the nurse asking us to go to a different room because the doctor wanted to speak with us. (That’s never good, and I knew it.) I remember the doctor telling us that it was definitely cancer, and he didn’t need to wait for the results of the pathology. I had every emotion I could possibly have all at once. I was so scared for my wife and my unborn baby. I was scared for my little girl, Luna, and I was worried for my mother in law who just got told her baby girl had cancer.

After getting out of the hospital, and knowing my wife had some fighting to do, not only for her but for our little girls, I decided to do everything I could to raise awareness of this lethal cancer and to be as strong as I could for my family. I decided to run the Chicago marathon and raise money and awareness for the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation. I'm continuing this plight by committing to run a marathon every month for the next year. Please help me support this great cause and keep my wife around for my girls.

Thank you!

- Delorean and Mandy Ostrom

Tentative Schedule

January 9, 2022
Walt Disney World Marathon
Orlando, Florida

February 27, 2022
Publix Atlanta Marathon
Atlanta, Georgia

March 5, 2022
(day after my 37th bday)
Snickers Marathon
Albany, Georgia

April 24, 2022
Magnolia Silo District Marathon
Waco, Texas

May 22, 2022
Suwannee, Georgia

June 18, 2022
Grandma's Marathon
Duluth, Minnesota

July 11
St. George Island, Florida

August 7, 2022
Suwanee, GA

September 5, 2022
Boston Bound Marathon
Johns Creek, GA

October 9, 2022
Bank of America Chicago Marathon

November 6, 2022
TCS New York City

other events TBD


Text TeamCCF28 to 71777

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Well after the first marathon, it was back to normal life. Training runs, work, doctor appointments with Mandy, the everyday anxiety and fear that something is going to be wrong the next time we are at the doctor’s, and of course raising our little girls. We headed into February and cholangiocarcinoma awareness month with a…

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