Racing for Hope Journal Entry 2

So, we are into week 2 of training!

This past weekend, I did a Spartan super race on Saturday. On Sunday, I got to run a Spartan sprint with my incredible fighter wife and my reason for racing for hope. I couldn’t be prouder of Mandy. She absolutely killed the course! Every obstacle she had any doubt on, she went and crushed it! This week is a small recovery week only 17 miles total for the week. We are going to take a family getaway to the mountains. So, 10 of my miles will be done there.

I just signed up for my June marathon. It’s going to be the Grandma’s Marathon in Duluth, Mn on June 18th, 2022! Training this week felt hard. The stress of leaving for a trip and scans for Mandy is real! When we got to the mountains and our amazing cabin, the hospital called and told us insurance is not approving scans for Monday. They are still appealing, and we will know if they are approved on Monday when she goes in. Why do they make it so hard?? It’s almost like they would rather you get sick and deal with it than prevent it.

The cabin was amazing even with that hanging over our heads. We got to go see some waterfalls, a pumpkin patch, and a breathtaking overlook. We also took the girls to see where I lived during high school and where I started my cooking career. To say I fall more in love with my family every day is an understatement!