Racing for Hope Journal Entry 20

Monday, September 12th, 2022 Mandy is having surgery to remove lymph nodes that are of concern. Walking into the hospital is never easy but for me, it has become easier. Getting checked in and even Mandy leaving me in the waiting room has become just routine.

Today was different I was going to get to go back to the pre-op area. When they came and got me to go back was when it changed. I was instantly brought back to December 12th, 2019! What is it about the 12th??? I was walking back to see my wife and keep her company until time for the surgery. Mandy and I are pros at keeping each other entertained and minds off the surgery coming up. This time we played catch with lids from iv bags! Then it was time they wheeled her to the operating room, and I was sent back out to wait! The waiting is always the hardest. Will she wake up? Will they get all the lymph nodes? Will it be cancer? What if it is? What will we do? What will be the plan? Any question you could think of, I’m thinking it.

I get a call from the dr and he says I’m pretty sure all the lymph nodes are out! But the preliminary pathology report says they are cancerous. I stay strong on the phone with the surgeon as well as a call with Mandy’s mom, her sister, and my mom. Then I break down. My wife has cancer for sure again! 3 damn times it isn’t fair! But she is here and hopefully, it’s all out, and we can go about a plan! After 6 hours, I finally get brought back to a room to stay with Mandy for the night. When the full pathology report comes back we will get to meet with the oncologist and figure out the plan! So now it’s a game of waiting again!