Racing for Hope Journal Entry 3

Week 3 and I am already making big strides in the training!

I’m getting faster, which is really cool. Hopefully, the miles on my feet will help with the endurance. We are making big strides on the fundraising as well! $1,767 already raised and the year hasn’t even started! If you are reading this, donated, sent a text of support, shared the video interview, or anything like that, I can’t think you enough for the support!

Mandy actually got her scans! She was NED according to the scans, but her blood work is concerning. Also, the site of the ablation is getting bigger (almost 10x10x10 cms!).  They believe it is filled with bile, and it’s bothering her a lot. They want to put a drain in her liver to try to stop the bile leak. The oncologist moved up her appointment and wants to see Mandy herself (not the PA) which scares us!

For Halloween, we are all going as witches! Well, I’m going as a Manwich (yes, the sloppy joe)! We got to have a dad joke in there with a family costume!!

Again, thank you so much for the support and love you give to me while doing this!  Thank you for the love and support you give our family as we continue the cancer battle! We are always battling to keep Mandy here for these girls and for me.