Racing for Hope Journal Entry 5 – 2 years after diagnosis

Sorry, it’s been a little bit since I updated you guys on everything but here we are back at it again! So this past Sunday was 18 miles on my training plan, man, was it tough! I got it done in just under 3 hours but one of the reasons it was so difficult was it was also the 2 year anniversary of Mandy’s diagnosis. We have gone through so much in those 2 years, things no family should have to go through, and some things that have been amazing! Our family grew in those 2 years, not just with the addition of our youngest daughter Lily but also with the addition of Team CCF. The past few weeks have been hard on Mandy and me. She has had a couple of procedures due to complications from her ablation, her drain that was placed got infected, and we spent 10 hours in the Emergency room in Minnesota. She will hopefully have only 2 more procedures and be good for a while. She has a stent being placed on December 23rd, hoping that when it’s placed there are no complications and she doesn’t spend Christmas Eve or Christmas in the hospital. I know she wouldn’t be able to handle that. She feels like a burden. She hates she isn’t her old self anymore and that she can’t play and take care of the girls as she wants. It hurts her and even if she doesn’t see it, that part kills me inside. I’m scared I’m getting a glimpse into the future of our lives and family, but at least she is here. I hate that she cries herself to sleep at night and there is nothing I can do for her. I want my wife to be ok. And she will be, soon she will be herself again and playing with these girls and teaching them all the things they need to know! I’ll get to watch her and them and be happy! So I’ll keep running and raising money so my girls get a lifetime with their mommy, and so other families get the same happiness as ours.