Racing for Hope Journal Entry 7 – Racing for hope after Christmas

Well, we missed Christmas and have spent a week in the hospital. The whole time I was so frustrated with the nurses and doctors. I felt the entire time no one would do anything for us. I know they are overworked and short-staffed, and it’s not a job that I would ever want. It was hard to watch Mandy be in pain to the point she was in tears or almost in tears and have to wait hours for a nurse to come in with her pain medication. We went days with them not changing her dressing around her drain. It got so bad, I had to go home to get the stuff to change it myself! Not once did a nurse do that, even after several doctors asked for them to do it! We also had to officially cancel our Disney trip. With Covid on the rise again and Mandy not being 100%, it was the smartest thing to do. I’m devastated for Mandy. She feels like she is ruining everything and she isn’t. We just want her to be here with us forever. So no Disney marathon, but I’ll still run on Sunday with all the other Disney runners. It will just be from my house!