Calling all Volunteers

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is looking for volunteers to be part of the TeamCCF Cheer Squad. 

TeamCCF has two members who are raising money all year long for the Foundation. 

Delorean Ostrom is running a marathon every month in 2022 for his fundraiser Racing for Hope and Jonathan Whiting is swimming the English Channel in July for his fundraiser 21 Miles of Hope.

Each volunteer will receive a short-sleeved, green Cheer Squad Shirt and an awareness wristband. We ask that you attend one of the listed events for a few hours. You can make your own signs and choose a spot to spectate. We appreciate any time you can give. 

Below are the dates and locations. If you are interested in one, please email


Sunday, April 24
Waco, Texas
Silo District Marathon

Delorean Ostrom will run the third annual Silo District Marathon in Waco, Texas. The race starts at 7 am. Volunteers are asked to be stationed along the course with signs for Delorean. The marathon is hosted by Chip and Joanna Gaines. The race starts near their Magnolia Home Goods Store. For details visit Silo District Marathon (link to

April 26 – May 3rd  (specific date is TBD)
Maui, Hawaii
Test Swim for 21 Miles of Hope

Jonathan Whiting will choose a date to swim from Lahaina to Maui. This is an important milestone for his training to swim the English Channel in July. Jonathan will practice swimming with waves and will need to test his ability to withstand seasickness. It will be a 10- 12 mile swim. If you live in the area and are willing to come out to cheer, please contact Claire Condrey.  

Saturday, June 18
Duluth, Minnesota
Grandma’s Marathon

Delorean Ostrom will run Grandma’s Marathon from Two Harbors to Duluth, Minnesota. Enjoy cheering the runners along Lake Superior! For details visit Grandma’s Marathon (link to

Saturday, June 25th
Lake Tahoe, Incline Village
Test Swim for 21 Miles of Hope

Jonathan must swim in open water and prove he can swim in 60-degree water continuously for 6 hours.  The swim will start at 3 am and conclude near Incline Village, Nevada around 9 am. Meet Jonathan at the finish at Burnt Cedar Park in Incline Village, Nevada. Dave Fleischer, CCF volunteer for the Journey of Hope, and Jonathan’s dad are expected to be there. 

If you wish to volunteer for any of the dates above, please contact