🤚🏻 Five for Friday – Five reasons to participate in Moving for the Cure

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Get ready to lace up your sneakers, stretch those muscles, and join us for an exhilarating event like no other: Moving for the Cure! Participants in any area, of any age, and of any athletic ability come together to raise funds for CCF through an athletic event of their choosing.

Hear from five individuals in the community about why they participate in Moving for the Cure:

Five-for-Friday-nocovid-transbg DIANA PARK - GIRLS

Diana Park, caregiver

“My family and I support as well as participate in M4C to involve our local community and friends. I have run countless races for TeamCCF but that is just me. With M4C, I can involve so many more. One of the best ways to raise awareness is to start at home. My friends , coworkers and even students know how important the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation is to me. So giving them an opportunity to actively participate in an event makes the M4C that much more meaningful. This will be year 3 for Team Janine’s walk and I am looking forward to all who join us. Each year the participation has almost doubled bringing awareness to my community. Anything I can do to keep my mom’s memory alive and hopefully help another family going through this awful cancer, I will do.”


Melissa Moccaldi, caregiver

“My father, Joseph Lopardo, was the most amazing dad anyone could have asked for. My dad battled cholangiocarcinoma bravely for fourteen months. His cancer journey did not end in the way in which we all hoped. I am ‘moving for a cure’ so others’ journeys end differently.”


Theresa David, patient

“CCF provided me with the tools, mentorship, and knowledge to navigate through my CCA journey. I participated in Moving for the Cure to both raise awareness about CCA and prove to myself and others that a Cholangiocarcinoma diagnosis doesn’t have to mean an end to life as we know it”

Rob Howard

Rob Howard, caregiver

“At first I was reluctant to go public about my dad’s diagnosis and share what our family was going through, but I was so humbled by the response from friends and family when they came out to support my Move for the Cure half marathon with donations. Each email notification I received with a contribution filled me and my dad with so much love and HOPE.”

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Heeling Wong, Team Rising Phoenix

Our family participated in M4C to create awareness for this rare cancer that came on so suddenly for our sister and was devastating for her and everyone who loved her. We raise funds in the hopes that a cure can be found.

If you have something you’d like to share, please reach out to Allison Deragon at allison.deragon@cholangiocarcinoma.org.

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