Journey of Hope: Day 20

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Another day of amazing moments, and a great way to mark the halfway point on the Journey, at least for # of states visited.

The day’s scheduled visit was a memorable one. I had the honor to visit the corporate office of Incyte, a global biopharmaceutical company in Wilmington, DE. In conjunction with Wilmington’s own Janice and Dean Meyer, two members of the Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation staff, Erica (warrior), her husband, and others, we had the opportunity to meet with a variety of Incyte’s senior leadership team, scientific team members, as well as other important cross-functional team members. Janice Meyer and I both had the opportunity to thank all gathered for the work they are doing to develop therapies that will improve the lives of current and future warriors, and ultimately help to find a cure. Amazing!

While at the Incyte office, I was also interviewed by two of Philadelphia’s major TV stations as well as having the opportunity to do a live radio interview on Wilmington’s own WDEL. Each of these interviews provided the opportunity to increase awareness of cholangiocarcinoma to a wide range of viewers and listeners. My thanks to Jan Meyer for making that happen!

After all that excitement, I headed into Maryland for a quick (and I mean quick) visit to Hope, MD; my 9th town of Hope. Let’s just say stopping at the one stop sign in town for a photo on Hope Road, allowed me to make up some time on my way to the Annapolis, MD area, where my son, Nate, and his family live, and then on to Washington, DC. I thought Nate was still traveling in Guatemala. About 20 minutes from his home, I found out he was actually back in the area. I made a quick stop, got a big hug, and asked if he would help create today’s video. He did so in a flash, and away I went for a drive-through of D.C. for a photo of the Capitol. With all the Area Closed signs, chain link fences, and concrete barriers still in place, I realized after the fact that I forgot to include my travel partner Mike O’Langio, and the car in the picture. Maybe next time.

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