Our Trusted Partners

Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) partners with organizations worldwide to achieve our mission: find a cure and improve the quality of life for those affected by cholangiocarcinoma (CCA). Collaboration is a core value at CCF and is fundamental to both the growth of the Foundation and the Foundation’s ability to provide high-quality programs and services to the CCA community. CCF collaborates with partners that share:

Core Value Alignment

Relationship of Trust

History of Quality Work

Complementary Strengths




The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) partnered with Ciitizen to help patients gain free access to their complete health records and a clinical trial finder. Ciitizen also provides them the opportunity to participate in patient-driven research. Ciitizen is a consumer health tech company building a platform that helps patients collect, organize, and share their medical records digitally. The records are converted into a digital and actionable health profile shareable with doctors, family members, and researchers. With this partnership, CCF's members will immediately get free access to Ciitizen platform. This patient data also enabled Ciitizen to create a one-of-a-kind clinical trial finder, giving our patients better and easier access to clinical trials.

D2 Creative

D2 Creative

D2 Creative delivers engaging creative campaigns using unique and powerful storytelling techniques that change hearts, minds, and ultimately behavior. D2 Creative has helped CCF produce several patient-friendly videos explaining important topics about cholangiocarcinoma. The growing collection contains Mutations Matter, Understanding your Clinical Trials, Biomarkers Matter, and Learning About Clinical Trials.

Komodo Health

Komodo Health

Partnering with Komodo Health has assisted CCA patients to access specialists around the country by leveraging their unique intelligence platform, which combines de-identified data from over 500 sources capturing more than 320 million Americans’ healthcare journey. With this data, we are able to connect patients with the best care possible through the CCA specialist map. Komodo Health makes it possible for patients to find the nearest specialist with the most expertise in treating CCA with the click of a button.

lynx group

The Lynx Group

One of Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation’s (CCF) main values is patients first in everything we do. The Lynx Group helps CCF reach this goal by improving patients' and caregivers' lives through their partnerships with key stakeholders in healthcare. The Lynx Group is a global strategic medical communications and education company. They strive to provide pivotal and contemporary information and education for all stakeholders in healthcare.

CCF partners with Lynx on the Cholangiocarcinoma Summit and the publications CCA News and CONQUERING Cholangiocarcinoma.