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PROOF Trial: Phase 3 Study of BGJ398 (Oral Infigratinib) in First Line Cholangiocarcinoma With FGFR2 Gene Fusions/Translocations

The PROOF Trial is a global Phase 3 study enrolling patients with advanced/metastatic cholangiocarcinoma who have a FGFR2 gene fusion/translocation. Patients must not have received systemic anti-cancer treatment for advanced disease. Patients are randomized to receive either oral infigratinib (BGJ398) or standard chemotherapy (gem/cis).

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A Phase 3, First Line Study of Pemigatinib vs Gemcitabine/Cisplatin in Patients with Cholangiocarcinoma

This is a phase 3, first line treatment in patients with cholangiocarcinoma who have not received previous treatment and are FGFR2 rearrangement positive. This is a comparative study of pemigatinib (FGFR inhibitor) versus gemcitabine and cisplatin.

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