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A Note About This Research

This information has not been put together by an attorney and does not constitute legal advice. The following research may be used in filing your claim.

I have limited the amount of research due to the fact the VA has discouraged a lot of paperwork, since they are electronically filing.  However, be aware that more research is available.  Most of it says the same thing, but if the VA requests more articles concerning these subjects, they are available.


Miscellaneous Information

The following articles do not have to be included in the claim, but it is good for the veteran to have knowledge of it.  It includes The Benefit of Doubt Theory, how it applies to claims, and the reason the Agent Orange Studies are flawed.  If one is denied due to the VA stating it is not in the Agent Orange Studies, the article points out why that is the case.

Approved Claims

The first two claims are regarding Agent Orange /Herbicide Exposure.   The first case listed, Citation Nr: 0201281, was approved due to the veteran being in an area where there were Agent Orange missions and operations were performed.

The second case, Citation Nr :0740247  was approved due to a physician’s opinion who stated the veteran had various cancers during his life which he felt was due to herbicides in Vietnam.  It was granted on herbicide exposure.

The third claim, Citation Nr: 1401793 was granted both due to herbicide exposure and liver flukes.  A VA physician in her opinion stated the parasites are endemic in Vietnam.  The Board of Veterans Appeals granted the approval on bot the liver fluke and herbicide exposure.

The remaining claims are on Liver Fluke exposure.  Most cases as the preceding three have been approved due to “The Reasonable Doubt Theory.”

You may use these files to go with your claim.  The VA will state that each claim is decided on an individual basis, and they do not give weight to other veteran’s claims.  However, in one of the decisions, it mentioned another approved claim.  And, in my case, it was approved due to research, doctor’s letter, and the BVA specifically stated, it was due to a letter from Sheila Harrison, the widow who made the first connection between liver fluke exposure and Cholangiocarcinoma. She had the first approved case.

These are not the only claims for Cholangiocarcinoma.  There is no way of knowing how many claims were initiated or approved.  These do include all the claims that people decided not to pursue, have been appealed and denied, and are still in appeal.

Citation Nr: 0201281

Citation Nr: 1401793

Citation Nr: 1502875

Citation Nr: 0740247

Citation Nr: 0943289

Citation Nr: 1514556

Citation Nr: 1528691