Racing for Hope Journal Entry 13

We sit here a little over 3 weeks past marathon #3 and a little less than a month from marathon #4. The podcast I was interviewed for has now been released, and the love and support since have been amazing!

Training has been hard recently, and I find myself lacking motivation at times. When it’s like that, I look at Mandy and think about what she has gone through. It helps. Speaking of Mandy, she ended up at the ER last week and was admitted once again. They placed another drain in her liver even though we do not believe that’s what was causing the problem. They gave her IV antibiotics, and it helped with the infection. She had an abscess in her abdominal wall. After 5 days, she was finally released. She now has two weeks of oral antibiotics. I feel for Mandy, she takes a step forward and cancer knocks her back a few steps. It isn’t fair.

While at the hospital, I was still able to get a few training runs in which has been good for my mental health. To be honest, I’m not doing well mentally. I’m worried and stressed all the time. It isn’t fair to my family because that worry and stress take me away mentally and, sometimes, physically from them. I feel like no matter what, I’m letting them down.

Ok, this isn’t supposed to be me telling you about my worries. So…let’s get back to the running part. I just finished a long run of 10 miles. This coming Sunday, I’m up to a 13 miler. Just a couple more long runs before we taper again for Waco! We also came up with a new family slogan, and it will also be the name of our podcast I am hoping to start. It’s “one family, one fight”. It’s to let Mandy know we are always a family, and we are always going to fight with her. She isn’t in this alone.