Resource Toolkit

The Purpose of this Toolkit

To introduce partner organizations, advocates, and volunteers to CCF and help them drive engagement and action among their base of supporters via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. In addition, provide logos and content that can be readily shared.

What You Can Do

Consider the following list of opportunities for your involvement. Also, copy and paste the suggested social media posts, or develop your own customized posts to share from the Foundation’s content.

  • Add the #curecca and #ccf hashtags to your social media posts, and engage with CCF via your accounts.
  • Follow and share content from @cholangiocarcinoma on Facebook, @curecc on Twitter, @cholangiocarcinoma on Instagram, and @cholangiocarcinoma-foundation on LinkedIn; be sure to use the hashtags when appropriate and tag CCF.
  • If attending any CCF events, in person or virtually, watch for the hashtags and opportunities to share information.
  • Like, comment and share sponsored ads placed on the platforms.
  • Upload a photo to Instagram and caption it with one of the suggested captions. NOTE: Instagram does not support hyperlinks in captions. You must add the link to your Bio (Click “Edit Profile” to add a website URL). Then, direct your followers to the link by adding “Click the link in our bio to read all about it!” to your caption.
  • Look out for other ways to get involved, such as QR codes, Twitter chats, town halls, livestreams, internal emails, posting CCF blogs on your website, etc.
  • Share your photos and video with CCF. We’ll spread the word!
  • Hyperlink to keywords, such as cholangiocarcinoma, to the CCF website. Embed videos from YouTube to include patient voices.

The Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation (CCF) is a global 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Its mission is to support patients and render cholangiocarcinoma a treatable disease. The organization’s four core values are:

Patients First

Patients First







Cholangiocarcinoma is pronounced (koh-LAN-jee-oh-KAR-sih-NOH-muh).

15th Anniversary Video

Embed Code

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Logos for Social Media


The CCF logo is the main symbol of our trusted brand. The tree is a symbol of a fresh start in life, positive energy, good health, and a bright future. The fresh green color not only makes one feel rejuvenated but also reassured. The logo is available in two colors, green for light backgrounds and white for darker backgrounds. No alterations to the logo are permitted.

Additional square option if necessary. Please only use if limited on space.

Badges can be displayed on your website in the footer, emails or social media posts. Help spread the word and show you support for our brand.


TeamCCF is a secondary design element for communication that is specific to its fundraising through athletic events.

Suggested Social Media Posts


Post #1: @curecc is no ordinary nonprofit. Through collaboration and commitment to finding a cure for the deadly disease, the global foundation is making strides to connect with every newly diagnosed patient. #curecca #ccf #cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer

Post #2: I know what @curecc has to offer patients and caregivers. I am doing my part to share it with the world. Check out #curecca #ccf #cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer

Post #3: The world is a very different place these days, but one thing remains constant, cancer patients need hope. That is why I am committed to helping raise awareness about cholangiocarcinoma. Please visit #curecca #ccf #cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer

Example of Event Tweet:
Join the inaugural CCF Bidding for the Cure virtual auction. Win a trip of your dreams or fun memorabilia AND support cancer research for cholangiocarcinoma. Please join me for this amazing event at #B4C2021 #curecca #ccf #cholangiocarcinoma #bileductcancer


For more information or questions, please contact